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  • Bruce Giddens

    how do i stop this stop and go behavior???

    • The Cleaner

      everytime you do it think of your best buddies dog and the urge should go away . he he he he . well it works for me ahahahahha

  • Bruce Giddens

    what’s with the streaming video stop and go? Netflicks and YouTube don’t do that. Can you try to clear it up?

    • Benjamin Gierisch

      Start the video and let it load for a while, the files are usually running 720/1080P for me which is a fair bit of data to load up, so let it load for about 5 minutes then watch it and you’ll have no problems. Or your internet could be too slow to load up the videos fast enough. Netflix doesn’t get this problem usually because they pay ISPs to stream their content at higher speeds.

  • Cgeezy

    Bruce do you pay for this site like u do for netflick? do you get this type of content in Youtube. All these answers are no! so try to be nice.

    • ELVIS

      hmm I didn’t see him being mean, he asked a question!

    • Alex


  • hailie elson

    hey i click on watch this film and it takes me to the ‘quickfilms’ website what do i do ?

  • Hans Gruber

    If you are looking for the Dead Again Episode 2 try here:


  • Jeffrey Stonehocker

    please hurry with loading im looking forward to this one :)

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  • Brendan Diven

    Yup, still not working after clicking the “Watch it here” link. All I see are comments.

  • giffordal

    Please upload the Season 13 Finale of Project Runway (2 hour episode). Thank you.

    • streamonline

      its already here. plz check the category -> http://www.couchtuner.me/watch/project-runway/

      • giffordal

        Thanks for your reply but you are mistaken. I know there is a 2-hour finale to Project Runway Season 13 that involves the contestants going to Rome and then having their runway shows. According to Epguides.com (http://epguides.com/ProjectRunway/), the 2 part finale aired on Oct. 16 & 23, 2014 (Episodes 13 & 14) and there will be a Reunion show broadcast tomorrow (Oct. 30) that I hope you can post as well. Thank you for all the good work you do.

        • giffordal

          I just saw that you have posted the finale and reunion special for Project Runway Season 13. Thank you so much for your help and generosity in sharing this entertaining show with everyone. Best wishes.

    • IE Tester


  • giffordal

    Also, can you please upload the last 3 episodes of Survivor? The last episode you posted is Season 29, Ep. 3 which aired on Oct. 8 – they have now aired 3 episodes which you haven’t yet posted. Thanks for your help.

    • giffordal

      Thank you for updating Survivor episodes. You are the best! Cheers.

  • giffordal

    Also, can you please upload the last episode of Hotel Hell (Episode 2-08 which aired on 09/Sep/14 called Murphys Hotel)? Thanks for your help.

  • kimanderson

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  • http://couchtuner.us.com/ Raman Ray

    if you are looking for American Dad Season 11 Episode 4 try to here http://couchtuner.us.com/

  • Stephen Culvert

    you may watch this episode on project free tv

  • Aplanir

    how come there no episode 4 of the game?

    • streamonline


  • aries

    Please upload The Real Daytime Talk Show episodes. Thank you

  • Guest

    Please upload The Real Talk Show episodes. Thank you

  • Belle

    What happened to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’S EP 10 S2?

    • Alex

      It starts again march 1

  • Mikey KaiserSoze Daly

    i know says uploaded 2 mins ago?

  • http://www.starchunkoflight.tumblr.com ★ SPN MS FINALE ★

    The new Supernatural episode (mid-season finale) you posted send me here and all I can see is comments, no actual video.. Is there anything I can do?


    they dont have friends?!

  • sushisnake

    Still not loaded

  • Paris.lover

    When is vampire diaries season 6 episode 11 going up ?

    • streamonline

      vampire diaries season 6 episode 11 will air tonight, in abt 16 hrs from now

  • disqus_RqqwY8271f

    Wth, the show will not come up, it just keeps coming to this!

  • Nanner Bux

    This guy needs to be dropped into the middle of the Amazon with nothing but his underwear- just a generic big mouth, insulting hack.

  • James Karnes

    Real time with Bill maher isn’t working for me. I tried F5 but it still didn’t work

    • streamonline

      it should, try now

  • Aaron

    When will The Walking Dead season 5 episode 9 start?

  • Olivia Overgaard Andersen

    when are you thinking about getting Austin & Ally? I really wanna watch all of seasons!

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    Teaze us

  • Siobbhan Shaw

    not liking the new image, prefer original layout has more info and I can see a page of whats on, not just 4 large thumbnails at a time where I have to keep scrolling. Hope I’m not the only one who thinks this. A great site, but if it aint broke, it no need a fixing :)

  • Jessica Lauren

    not working and the challange and real world download plzzzz

  • Oren Hk


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  • http://www.QuarterReporter.com Blake B. Ward

    ive tried to find it on http://www.yahoo.com, lol, stupid me

  • Sean Passino

    Can you guys please upload Blue Mountain State!

  • Crame

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  • gilead kentoe


  • Doctor Who????

    This is not Blacklist.

  • kolionpop

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  • shazzam18

    just download it from kickass if its not on here..its what i do :) http://kickass.to/beyond-the-tank-s01e02-hdtv-x264-t1-t10622179.html#comment

  • RobertECastro


  • jaje

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  • kingwellsy

    when’s geordie shore gon be up?

    • streamonline

      will try to add soon, in another couple of hours

  • smart guy

    There are many couchtuner sites to go to. couchtuner.me, couchtuner.at, couchtuner.eu. …etc.
    There are many “watchseries.com” sites as well that have the same shows for your choosing.
    Come on people are you really that SLOW?
    There is no reason why you cannot see your chosen shows IN THIS CENTURY. duh!

    • Scinsocal

      No other site has the real housewives series that I can find.

    • Julie T

      How about showing the link instead of being a total asshole about it?

      • Tsunami

        disqus blocks html links.

    • jtxl

      since the change from .eu to .mx, the links are very slow to show up and a lot of the links are not synced with the audio so the audio doesn’t match the lips. They used to post videos just minutes after it aired but now it is a long time, even the next day. I wonder what happened?

      • qwerty

        tthis is not thr real eu. it is a copy. so the issues are different. look for couchtuner city for the old eu.

    • Tsunami

      This is not an authentic couchtuner site. It’s a copycat site.

  • jamey

    ♞♞♞♞ Right Time Right way streamonline ====== Visit Here <<<<

  • Imvu Aradia

    not working again uggggggggggggg

  • Marcia Moore Collins

    Can you tell me why Season 1 episode 5 of The Knick has been removed from all players? Is there an alternate site?

    • Tsunami

      Yeah, the REAL couchtuner site , [.]la has it, not this imposter site.

  • helenrberrios23

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  • Tara Brooke Peake

    When will the real housewives of new york city episode 12 stream?

  • Adaobi

    What’s happening with Housewives of New York please?

  • http://WWW.alskarsverige.se Johan J

    Would be nice if this was fixed. Just saying

    • Tsunami

      go to watchseries. they’ve got it.

  • DanielHouse

  • Amal Dawood

    When are you going to upload wolf watch season 3 episode 2 and 3 because you uploaded 1 only and then you stopped uploading

  • Julie T

    Power is not working tonight. 7/26

  • Moi_§_

    How about finding links that are serviceable for the thriller, mystery series – “MYSTERY WOMAN” – perhaps the series is a bit lame but easy on the brain when you need to just R&R … fun. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do.. and thnx for posting everything else. LOvely place to come take a look at what’s on. ò/

  • Billy Pennington

    Numb3rs Season 5 Episodes 9&10 do not work. Click to watch leads to blank page. Can’t even report them as broken links.

  • Kaitlin

    You should work on fixing The Walking Dead episodes. Tried re-watching the show and could only watch Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2 and Season 5.

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  • carmen

    hello there

  • carmen


  • PamelaBalmer |


  • Lee Walton

    Ever notice how little or none of these get answered?

    • LadyBrochTuarach


      • Lee Walton

        I see what you did there LOL

  • Spock is Here

    where is episode 13 of colbert ????????